The Lake Beautyberry Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society promotes the preservation, conservation, and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida and is proud to serve Lake County.

Our meeting location is at the W. T. Bland Library in Mount Dora. There is plenty of parking, access to the library services before and after meetings, outdoor features, such as the Butterfly Garden, Pavilion, and Forest Preserve hiking trails, and, of course, downtown amenities. We meet on the 3rd Sunday of alternating months -- July 21, September 15, and November 17 this year.

In addition:
•    Need a plant ID? Bring it to the meeting.
•    Have any growing tips from your experience you can share?
•    Ask any questions about native plants or planting.
•    Bring some healthy native plants from your yard to share.

We are still looking for several volunteer positions! Consider supporting the chapter through your participation.

Website Coordinator.  Monthly updates are provided to the Coordinator, the updates just need to be posted on the web page and Facebook.  You will have a mentor to your comfort level.

VP Field Trips.  What could be more fun than sharing the outdoors with others? We have reduced the number of field trips offered due to extreme heat in the summers. Planning includes location, coordination and communication for a trip leader, writing a description and publicity, and, of course attending the event.  Trip months include: February, April, December.

Outreach Coordinator.  An organizer.  Does this sound like you?  We get requests to participate in community events and give presentations.  It’s helpful to have this function centralized, a log with dates and who’s participating, recruit member volunteers, continue communication throughout event, keep Board or person to give the presentation informed.


Do your need some help with your native garden? The Florida Wildflower Foundation has some recorded and live webinars that can help (Hint: pruning season is not here yet, but will be soon!)

Amanda Martin - Prune Your Native Plants: How, Why and When It Matters the Most:

Sara Burke - How to Start a Backyard Revolution

Emily Bell -  Photographing Wildflowers for Beginners


The Lake Beautyberry Chapter meets on the third Sunday of every other month (odd months) at the W.T. Bland Library in Mount Dora.